A blue amber cabochon can be paired with any gemstone one could desire for extremely attractive jewelry. A wide variety of colors and shades of blue are available to made into jewelry depending on the concentration of hydrocarbons in the Blue Amber but also on the inclusions inside the stone that reflect the ultraviolet rays. The more inclusions it holds, the stronger the color reflection. 

But for some, it is the light-blue variation that focuses more on transparency and pureness in addition to a bluish hue as can be seen in in the the beautiful bead of these pieces of jewelry made b
y 李金柱 a Chinese Artist.

When the natural light strikes blue amber on a white surface, the light particles pass right through it, and then are refracted off the white surface. Result: the Blue Amber has a slight blue hue. When the same natural light particles strike the Amber on a dark surface, the light particles don’t refract off the black surface, thus refracting off the actual Amber. It’s the hydrocarbons in the Blue Amber that turn the sun’s ultraviolet light into blue light particles, resulting in the famous glow of Blue Amber.

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Blue amber can be cut into cabochon gemstones for jewelry purposes. A cabochon gem stone is polished with a flat back and an outward bulging top. The cabochon in above pictures has even been cut into a unique shape with certain facets to create a refractive, color-changing effect that changes with the angle of your perspective.

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Blue amber is a world by itself. Already the mere existence of it is an oxymoron. "How can 'amber' be blue", you wonder. And "is it really natural 'blue' amber? Or is it enhanced, or modified, like so much amber jewelry that's being offered? 

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Blue amber earrings with diamonds

When you decide to use diamonds in combination with blue amber, you should be aware that diamonds are much more common than BLUE amber. Therefore, blue amber is definitely the focal stone.

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​Blue Amber Jewelry

In contrast to other gemstones, blue amber has no solid color. The picture of the blue amber pendant  you see  at the top and the one to the left are taken in natural daylight on two different surfaces and yet, it is the same piece of jewelry. How is this possible?